About Me


Gabrielle Morin


Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant


As a registered nurse with pediatric experience, from day one, I knew my baby wasn't "typical".  From early on, he graced my husband and I with 6+ hours of sleep a night.  "You're so lucky," people would say.  But they weren't at home with us when he was awake and screaming from sun up to sun down.  It was truly awful.  I felt like I was failing as a mother.  So, I decided to do something about it: I read every article and book I could find to help give me some insight into why my son was fighting sleep with every fiber of his being.

Almost immediately after I started turning my research into practice, my son turned into a different baby.  He was napping regularly, smiling, laughing, playing.  It was like I turned him into an entirely different human being, simply by providing him with better, more restful sleep.

I experienced firsthand how important and beneficial restful sleep is for a developing baby and I decided that it would be my goal to help as many families as possible do the same.  I created Mommy Needs Sleep to assist other families in their baby sleep journeys- because everyone needs sleep (and sanity!).

My Philosophy

Different babies, different solutions

It is my belief that because no two babies are the same, each and every sleep plan should be tailored specifically to the baby and family for which it is designed.  When creating a sleep plan, I make it a priority to take into account the parenting styles and personalities of my clients as well as the personalities and needs of their babies.  This ensures that your child's specific sleep needs are being met in a way that they will be able to adapt to and that you are comfortable implementing.