Testimonials & Reviews

Katy T.

-Mom of Grayson (4 months old)

Gabrielle was a godsend in helping me to get my son, Grayson, on a good sleep schedule. We were battling short naps, many wakeups at night, and lots of screaming while trying to put him to sleep. She was so responsive and had such great ideas to get us on a better schedule. She made me feel like I wasn’t insane for not being able to figure out all this new mom stuff all on my own! My son is now taking up to 2 hour naps, only wakes up once at night, and goes down for naps and bed like a dream. I just can’t say enough good things about Gabrielle! If you’re having problems getting your baby to adopt good sleep habits, I would 100% recommend her! 


-Mom of Thomas (8 months old)

I highly recommend Mommy Needs Sleep sleep consulting to get you and your baby on the road to a long, peaceful night's sleep! Gabrielle reached out to me through a Facebook post I had made where I was seeking suggestions and guidance to help my son Thomas sleep through the night. I immediately, in a desperate plea, accepted her offer to help set up a plan for Thomas. I filled out her questionnaire to help her get to know us and within 2 days she was back to me with a very detailed plan suited for me and Thomas, which we implemented immediately. I followed her plan exactly how she laid it out for me and I can gladly say within just 5 nights, Thomas was sleeping 12 hours a night!  In addition, he was also having great day time naps! Gabrielle was always very responsive to e-mails, even though we are in different time zones and during the first few days I probably sent 50 emails with 50 different questions! My only regret in all of this was not finding her sooner. Thank you, Gabrielle, for getting my baby on a healthy sleeping schedule all while keeping my sanity. She’s a highly intelligent person and clearly is very skilled in what she does and I couldn’t recommend her more!